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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Ability to Monitor and Maximize Quality

General Dynamics Information Technology is thoroughly committed to ensuring quality products and services as evidenced by four divisions certified to ISO 9001 standards. In addition, General Dynamics Information Technology’s Software Solutions Center is certified to Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Capability Maturity Model (CMM) Level 3 quality standards. To better serve our NAVSEA customers needs and to ensure the continuation of high quality performance from our team members, the General Dynamics Information Technology PMT will use an established ISO 9001 certified quality system. At General Dynamics Information Technology, quality extends far beyond management inspection of the final product. Our quality system is an institutionalized part of our contract, cost, and management approach. As part of our quality system, we continuously pursue opportunities to improve current quality assurance practices to ensure we are providing deliverables that are technically accurate and meet all applicable content and format requirements.

Our quality system reflects commitment to comply with ISO 9001 procedures for continuous process improvement within the entire program. The major components of the program support project planning, process development, record keeping/audit, and financial controls, and are critical to the efficient management of products and services provided to the customer. Managing change and ensuring superior performance from team members are the goals of General Dynamics Information Technology’s quality system. A key to success is the ability to address non-conformance issues with team members in a manner that is conducive to responsive problem resolution.

ISO 9001 procedures provide for development of Corrective Action Plans (CAP). These plans include documented definition of the problem or improvement opportunity; a determination of who is responsible to take action at the General Dynamics Information Technology Team member or management level; investigation into the problem or improvement; a determination of the corrective or preventative action to be taken; and documentation of that action along with feedback. Paramount to identifying problems or improvements is the management of follow-up efforts. The CAP additionally provides a follow-up schedule for taking action on problems and improvements, allows for updates to a standardized status tracker, and ends with a management review of document changes to procedures that affect team product or services. General Dynamics Information Technology’s company-wide implementation of standardized ISO 9001 standards provides management and technical expertise resulting in workable solutions.

Implementing the established General Dynamics Information Technology ISO 9001 quality system will result in consistently high quality products and services with clear and concise methods for problem resolution. Following formal procedures will ensure that team members and management work closely to significantly reduce risk associated with making procedural changes impacting customer products and services. Using ISO 9001 procedures to support contract execution will result in enhanced team member coordination to ensure long-term contract stability and a standard approach to problem and improvement resolution. Continuous team feedback enables responsive problem and improvement solutions, quality awareness, and the completion of high quality products or services at low risk.