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man and woman performing server maintenance

Information Technology

IT Schedule 70

General Dynamics IT's service offerings focus on enterprise information systems; IT infrastructure build out and modernization; IT operations and maintenance; cloud solutions; mission-focused cyber security; health IT solutions; data management and analytics; and application development. A wide range of labor categories for help desk and maintenance options ensure successful implementation and support of your information technology investments.

Contract Number 

GSA Approved Price List

GSA Advantage

Period of Performance 

November 21, 2014 to November 20, 2019

Who is Eligible 

Federal agencies, agency contractors and certain educational institutions. 

State and local government entities under the authority of Cooperative Purchasing. 

Geographic Scope of Contract - Domestic Delivery: Domestic delivery is delivery within the 48 contiguous states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Washington, D.C. and U.S. territories.  

Domestic delivery also includes a port or consolidation point, within the aforementioned areas, for orders received from overseas activities.  

Agency Sponsor 

General Services Administration Federal Acquisition Service QTFABC, Branch 2C Room P04A2 1500 East Bannister Road Kansas City MO 64131-3088

Operational Detail 

Services Provided

Ordering Information

SIN 132-34 Software Maintenance – ENOSIS Only

SIN 132-40 Cloud Computing Services and Rates

SIN 132-41 Earth Observation Solutions Labor Rates

SIN 132-41 Earth Observation Labor Descriptions

SIN 132-45 Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity (HACS) Labor Rates

SIN 132-45 Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity (HACS) Labor Descriptions

SIN 132-51 IT Professional Services Labor Rates

SIN 132-51 IT Professional Services Labor Descriptions

132-52 Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services- Cloud Computing (IaaS and EaaS) and PS4 

SIN 132-56 Health IT Labor Rates

SIN 132-56 Health IT Labor Descriptions

SIN 132-100 Ancillary Support Labor Rates

SIN 132-100 Ancillary Support Labor Descriptions

Section 508 Compliance

Company Contacts 

Steve Felber
Program Manager
(703) 995-1906
Fax :  (703) 383-6087

Jill Padvelskis
Program Manager
(703) 995-5363
Fax :  (703) 383-6087

Sue Dobyns
Contract Manager
(703) 995-3399
Fax (703) 383-6785