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Eagle Alliance

Eagle Alliance is an industry leader in Global Enterprise Digital Services Management within the Intelligence Community. We deliver highly available, secure, modernized solutions that are vital to national security. Eagle Alliance provides next-generation solutions to ensure that our highly dynamic Government Client gains technology independence.

Our focus areas include the following:

  • Mission First: Focusing on our Client’s needs
  • Think Global: Expanding our objectives
  • Trust: Building on proven experience
  • Purpose: Taking pride in what we do

In 2001, Eagle Alliance was awarded a contract by the Department of Defense (DoD). The contract was successfully executed for 17 years – providing the Intelligence Community with IT services, bringing industry-leading expertise, proven best commercial practices, and large-scale systems management. Eagle Alliance was awarded a follow-on contract in 2017, the focus of which is to transform to agile Digital Services that simplify service delivery, enhance mission support and user experience, and dramatically reduce IT costs. Eagle Alliance is building on our incumbent contract Managed Service foundation to reduce risks and ensure uninterrupted mission support.

Eagle Alliance provides innovative technology solutions that enable customers to respond more effectively to a rapidly changing mission, improving cybersecurity, and better focus their human resources on core objectives.

"Eagle Alliance is a very exciting place to work. We are provided the opportunity to perform an extremely important job for a very special customer who requires and demands cutting-edge technology. Eagle Alliance is constantly being pushed to hire the most talented employees and employ the best technologies available. We are a smaller company, but because we are fortunate enough to have the financial support of our parent company, we can afford to hire only the best. As a result, we have the time and resources to treat employees as individuals while, at the same time, recognizing their invaluable team contributions."