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Modernizing the Education Experience in the Digital Age

From elementary schools to major universities, information technology is a major enabler of the educational experience. The education sector must remain ahead of the technology curve to improve student engagement and enhance the overall effectiveness of the education system.

General Dynamics IT works with government and education institutions to modernize systems and service delivery.

  • Developed the FedRAMP compliant Customer Experience Platform to modernize government contact center operations
  • Designed and implemented one of the largest web chat operations in the U.S. federal government
  • Managed 10 million+ contacts with students, parents and school financial aid officers annually 
  • Streamlined the average financial aid application by 50 percent
  • Developed eligibility system supporting 22 million+ applicants annually
  • Designed, built and integrated a cross-agency system allowing students and parents to securely import their personal data into their financial aid application
  • Reduced system errors and potential fraud to protect government funds and risk of overpayment

Advancing Education Services