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We help our customers in local government, central government and healthcare operate more efficiently, securely and effectively. From delivering digital services and cybersecurity solutions to healthcare analytics and integrated systems, General Dynamics IT’s expertise and end-to-end IT services help the public sector modernise operations and address their most complex challenges.
Our security experts understand that each organisation is different with their own unique challenges. Our architects work shoulder-to-shoulder with government technologists to help meet their cybersecurity mission and build a secure enterprise that fits their specific agency needs.
Enterprise IT
From modernising and securing legacy systems to leveraging big data to improving the customer experience, General Dynamics IT software and systems engineering teams work shoulder-to-shoulder with customers to bring a vendor agnostic approach, open source technology policy and best-of-breed solutions to guarantee security, performance, compliance and cost-savings with minimal migration disruption.
We provide technology, professionals and services that enable UK health organisations to adapt confidently and rapidly to ensure success. Modernising infrastructure, workforces and programmes is an essential part of our work as we prepare health organisations to address new challenges and opportunities.
Digital Transformation
General Dynamics IT enables local authorities to adapt to the digital environment by implementing flexible online solutions that ease the engagement between citizens and government service providers. With over a decade of experience in aligning digital solutions to public requirements, we provide organisations with the right tools to deliver consistent customer experience, achieve internal efficiencies and reduce costs.