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Blog Post

Prediction for Inside the Beltway? Cloudy with a Chance of Cost Savings

By Neil Kronimus

April 10, 2018

It’s difficult to find a more disruptive new technology than the cloud. Both at work and at home, the cloud has fundamentally changed how we store, share, and access information. It has transformed our applications, making capabilities more mobile and accessible from anywhere. And it has opened the door to so many other exciting innovations and technologies—and, for many, we’re only just starting to see their true potential.

In our work with the federal government and the United States military, we’ve watched as the cloud was introduced and then became pervasive in the private sector. We’ve witnessed how the federal government found ways to test and verify that the cloud and cloud solutions could meet the rigorous security and regulatory requirements necessary to handle government workloads. And we’ve worked hand-in-hand with government agencies and military organizations as they’ve implemented cloud solutions and have begun to reap some of the rewards that can only come from the cloud.

With the cloud becoming so essential and beneficial across the federal government, we’ve decided to make it the focus of our next series on Thinking Next. Over the course of the next month, we’ll be featuring multiple articles focusing on the benefits of the cloud, the technologies that it’s enabling, the challenges that cloud migrations create for the government, and why trusted industry partners can help make cloud transitions easier for the government.

But first, we should take a look at what the cloud is and why the government is so interested in it.

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