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GDIT News Clips

February 16, 2017

7 Deadliest Cyberattack Techniques for 2017

Fifth Domain

The threat landscape in cyberspace is constantly evolving. High-profile events throughout 2016 showcased new an innovative attacks targeting individuals, nations and critical infrastructure. Many of the most successful techniques continue to evolve and will be seen again in 2017, likely in new, nastier forms.

2020 Census Among New Additions to GAO High-Risk List

Federal News Radio

The Government Accountability Office said it’s pleased by some progress it saw in preparing the 2017 High-Risk List, which it officially released Wednesday. The 2020 count was one of three new areas GAO added to its 2017 list, which also included agencies’ management of federal health and education programs that serve tribes and their members, and government’s environmental liabilities.

Kinetic IT Approach Can Fuel Government Innovation, Says Survey

Federal Times

Machine intelligence, mixed reality, an Everything-as-a-Service approach and blockchain are among the tech trends with the potential to disrupt the way government functions – if federal agencies can up their readiness to leverage innovative operating and delivery models.

5 Priorities for State and Local Government Technology in the Year Ahead


Experts chime in on what’s top of mind for state and local CIOs.

Projected Federal IT Shrinkage Offset by State and Local Growth


Federal IT investment will not keep pace with the annual 2 percent to 3 percent growth seen in recent years, while IT spending at the state and local level is expected to grow, according to a Forrester report.

Study: Insiders Responsible for 6 in 10 Breached Patient Records

Healthcare IT News

Nearly 60 percent of breached patient records in January 2017 were the result of insiders, according to the Protenus Breach Barometer, a monthly snapshot of reported or disclosed breaches impacting the healthcare industry, with data compiled and provided by

Benefits of Cloud Something New Agency Faces Should Be Thinking About

Federal News Radio

Civilian agencies for years have debated cloud security services and how to best to use them to meet their mission, and as new administration faces join the workforce ranks, there’s no better time to take another look at their cloud approach.

Study: Cybersecurity threat hunting on the rise

Fifth Domain

The 2017 Threat Hunting Report reveals critical insights into the new practice of cyber threat hunting as an emerging line of defense to combat advanced cybersecurity threats.

Dead Men May Tell No Tales, But IoT Devices Do


Privacy invasions related to the Internet of Things are already becoming reality. There are no meaningful federal privacy laws in the U.S., outside of those that keep medical data, sealed court documents and some government records such as IRS tax returns away from prying eyes. Unless that changes, the IoT will make privacy a quaint recollection of our youth.

 Securing IoT Devices From Within


Security experts have long fretted about the rapidly expanding number of Internet of Things devices. While most such tools may not contain data that should be protected, many connect to the cloud and represent easy targets for hackers to gain access – not only to that device, but to all other devices connected to an IoT mesh.

Finding Feelings: Intelligence Agency Lines Up New Tool for Rooting Out Insider Threats


The National Geospatial-intelligence Agency has been building a suite of software to assess the likelihood its employees could leak classified information, harm someone in the workplace or harm themselves. And now it’s planning to try a tool that “looks for emotion” by analyzing text in emails, work chats, social media and more.

Cloud.Gov Clears FedRAMP


The General Services Administration-run Cloud.Gov hosting platform has completed the final stage of Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program assessment. The clearance makes Cloud.Gov the first fully open-sourced service to attain FedRAMP authorization, according to a blog post from GSA’s 18F innovation shop.

GAO: DHS Cyber Communications Center Could Communicate Better

Federal Times

The Department of Homeland Security’s sharing of cybersecurity-related information with federal and nonfederal entities could be improved by assessing and optimizing a specific department component, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.

Why is IoT Security So Critical to Healthcare?

Healthcare IT News

The Internet of Things is composed of countless online connections. And while these connected IoT devices promise so many exciting benefits, the “brave new world” of IoT can also result in new vulnerabilities for cyberattackers to compromise an organization’s infrastructure. And nowhere are these security concerns more critical than in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.