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February 2, 2018

The United States Navy 7th Fleet dates to our historic naval struggle in the Pacific during World War II.  Formed in Brisbane, Australia, the mighty U.S. 7th Fleet, in concert with our ANZAC Allies fought heroically in the southwest Pacific theater.  Under storied commanders like Admiral Kinkaid, the 7th Fleet was a major player in the war in the Pacific, including the engagement at Leyte Gulf.  And now, many years later, the U.S. 7th Fleet is still at the tip of the proverbial spear, forward deployed and primed to defend the United States and her Allies.  Now headquartered in Yokosuka, Japan, the 7th Fleet relies on efficient and effective communications throughout the Pacific AOR to fulfill her mission, and CSRA’s OCONUS Navy Network Team is there to support her.

The CSRA OCONUS Navy Network Team is ably led by our Program Manager Kevin McAllister.  While Kevin is responsible for our team all around the globe, he sits in Yokosuka, at the heart of much of the effort, and is supported by Greg Tainatongo, Operations Manager for the Far East Theater.  Due to the complex and far flung missions supported by U.S. Naval Forces in the Pacific, the CSRA team supports a myriad of satellite locations throughout the Theater, but the largest center of support is in Yokosuka itself, about an hour outside of Tokyo.

I think of our CSRA team members in Japan and the Far East often when I read the news of the day from North Korea, China, and Taiwan.  Far from their homes in the United States, I’m inspired by their willingness to support our Naval Forces in the Pacific region tirelessly, and so close to potential adversaries.  On this trip, we asked our CSRA team members to share their feelings about working overseas supporting the Navy, their history and experience in their roles, and their thoughts about the mission.  I hope you will spend some time listening to their stories.

The unique challenges of the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and the 7th Fleet AOR in particular are daunting.  Our Navy operates in harm’s way and are unafraid.  They are able to do so in part due to the support of CSRA’s OCONUS Navy Network Team, on watch 24x7 in Yokosuka, Okinawa, Guam, and many other remote sites.  One such site is Singapore, where I’ll be visiting next.  I hope you will join me in my next post as I ask our Singapore site lead about his experiences serving our Navy through CSRA in the Lion City.

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