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February 20, 2018

The United States Navy’s presence in the Mediterranean Sea dates to the Barbary War of 1801, and continued nearly unabated since that time.  In the post-World War II era, a strong commitment to the safety and security of our European Allies has meant an enduring naval presence in European waters, and the U.S. 6th Fleet serves that mission proudly.  

The Sun Never Sets on CSRA’s OCONUS Navy Network Team – Part 5: NaplesThe CSRA OCONUS Navy Network Team serves there too, providing secure and reliable communications to a Fleet with a wide range of assets and mission sets.  The 6th Fleet mission is template for flexibility and readiness for a wide range of contingencies.  On a single day our Navy leadership must be expected to play diplomat, peace keeper, and warrior.  The infrastructure supporting the 6th Fleet must do the same.

Sean McDonough leads our CSRA team in Naples, and it’s always great to see Sean in person.  His excitement and passion for leading the team here shows through, and it reminds me how important the visible leadership of all our site leads is for our people.  For first time OCONUS work, or even just first time outside of uniform, living and working overseas can seem daunting.  It is the steady guidance and inspiring leadership of dedicated people like Sean that enables us to serve our Navy customers so well, while also providing a top notch employment experience to our CSRAers.  

The CSRA presence in Europe is a hefty one.  In addition to the Navy team here in Naples, other remote sites like Sicily and Romania provide even more exotic opportunities to serve at the tactical edge.  Led by my colleagues in our Joint Business Area, CSRA has several hundred teammates in Germany as well, adding to that opportunity to cross-train, cross-support, and have fun somewhere new.

For many people the chance to live and work in Europe is a dream come true, but it is also hard and important work.  Our CSRA OCONUS Navy Network team must support the Fleet wherever, and whenever they require it.  It is that consistent pressure and opportunity to be a part of something so important which motivates our team.  It’s an excitement that is contagious, and it is one of the reasons I love to visit our teams in person.

As I leave Naples, and start the trek back to the East Coast of the United States I am overwhelmed at the impressive group of CSRA professionals who serve our U.S. Navy overseas.  While I am immensely proud of our entire Navy-USMC-USCG team, service with CSRA overseas is a special experience, and takes a special kind of person.  Dedication to our mission is the hallmark of every CSRA team everywhere, but nowhere is the connection to the mission stronger and more profound than at the tactical edge.  

Our CSRA teams provide direct support to the forces who are there in harm’s way when we read the story on the front page.  Each Fleet’s needs are different, each theater is unique with its own complexities and nuance.  CSRA’s understanding of that complex and nimble architecture is unmatched.  The knowledge that comes with a legacy of service in these areas, combined with the passion for mission our corporate culture encourages and yields an expertise unparalleled where it matters most: at the tactical edge.

In my next post I’ll review some final impressions of our CSRA OCONUS Navy team, as well as some thoughts about the missions they perform in support of our Sailors and Marines around the globe.

Please note: The content on this page was originally posted on prior to its acquisition by General Dynamics. This content was migrated to on July 9, 2018.​