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February 23, 2018

In the world of the government service industry it can be tempting to think that every company is the same. It’s when I have the opportunity to speak with my GDIT Navy-USMC team out in the field that I’m reminded just how different we are. 

A real passion for missions at the tactical edge, like those executed by our Sailors and Marines every day is something you can see in the faces of CSRA’s dedicated professionals. If you watched the videos featuring those CSRA colleagues I visited with on this trip, I hope you were as struck as I was with the pride they take in their work.  Nowhere is the linkage between industry and our active duty and government partners stronger or more enduring than overseas where the mission happens. We are not a provider or a vendor in that environment, rather we are a critical part of the Navy-USMC combat team. If the Fleet or the Fleet Marine Force is there, CSRA is there.

I take pride in that relationship and that trust, which CSRA has earned over years of service – and it makes me think about what elements of our culture have enabled our success in such a challenging space. The OCONUS support world is unique: it’s no fail, and no excuses, and it’s not for everyone.

Be Flexible

As you saw in my previous posts, the mission requirements of each OCONUS theater are unique. CSRA’s challenge is to apply the benefits of standardization and efficiency, while also balancing the nuance and variation which exists in the different Fleet AORs.  That balance is delicate and the ramifications of failure are catastrophic to our deployed forces. CSRA strikes that balance by applying deep domain knowledge and ensuring our teams are relentlessly “plugged in” to the changing environments they serve.

Be Dedicated

Mission support at the tactical edge is not a business, it’s a passion.  To be successful, the CSRA teams which operate embedded with our Navy and Marine Corps must share their passion and their understanding of the implications of anything other than absolute success.  This dedication and passion is shared by the CSRA here in the United States, and it shows in the way we support our customer and lead our team.  It’s a winning formula which is vital to success.


Nothing fosters the appreciation CSRA has for the tactical mission like being THERE.  Our teams live and work side by side with the Sailors and Marines we support.  Our children go to the same schools, and we share the unique and rewarding experiences of being an expat living abroad.  Anyone can write in a proposal or a mission statement that they ‘understand’ the Navy’s needs – we live it.  We KNOW.

Thank you for joining me on my journey around the globe with my Navy-USMC team. And thank you for allowing me to share my pride in the CSRA team and for caring about the Sailors and Marines we support. Our Fleet and Fleet Marine Forces are underway, every day, every hour, going into harm’s way in defense of the interests of the United States. At CSRA I’m proud to wake up every day and ask, “What have we done to support the Fleet today?”

Please note: The content on this page was originally posted on prior to its acquisition by General Dynamics. This content was migrated to on July 9, 2018.​