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Our Communities of Interest bring together CSRA colleagues who share common interests to collaborate, learn next-generation IT skills, pioneer new ideas, leverage lessons learned, solve complex challenges, and explore career and technical interests.

CSRA’s Communities of Interest (COIs)

CSRA employees are encouraged to joins one of our COIs. These vibrant groups of like-minded professionals center on CSRA’s core capabilities:

  • Cyber
  • Data and Analytics
  • Digital Platforms
  • Digital Services
  • Enterprise Business Services
  • Intelligent Business Process Services

The COIs focus on several topical technology themes:

  • Application Platforms
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • DevOps
  • Enterprise Information Management
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Human Experience
  • Infrastructure and Cloud
  • Management Consulting
  • Mobile App Development

It’s the COIs' spirit of connectedness that drives us to collaborate with like-minded colleagues—both online and in-person—to hold discussions, ask questions, and share best practices.

Benefits of COI Participation

Whether at a client site or sitting at headquarters, CSRA colleagues can feel connected to each other by participating in the COIs which encourage knowledge share, professional networking, and contribution to the broader company conversation around next-generation technology and expertise. There are multiple benefits to COI participation:

Enjoy Professional Development and Mobility

Learn from peers, experts, and access industry news and resources that can help you take your career to the next level:

  • Find opportunities for continuous learning and upgrading skills
  • Identify and pursue top certifications in your field 
  • Share your expertise and be known as a tech expert, influencer, and leader within CSRA
  • Gain greater exposure to senior management through assignments and coaching
  • Discover challenging assignments that expand your tech capabilities
  • Explore new areas and ideas across multiple COIs and grow professionally and personally

Leverage the Crowd to Overcome Challenges

Would ideas from your fellow colleagues be helpful? Do you need an outsider’s perspective on a particular technical issue you are facing? In the COIs, you can crowdsource solutions to solve problems and overcome challenges in your work: 

  • Pose questions to your peers via discussion threads and get helpful feedback
  • Expand your efforts by leveraging the collective knowledge of the COIs
  • Help improve project delivery by sharing innovative ideas or providing vital feedback and experience
  • Find and share innovative ideas for our company—every employee has a voice to propose the best and most advantageous solutions for our customers
  • Connect with CSRA's alliance partners to share knowledge about the application of next-generation technologies to federal agency IT challenges

Understand CSRA's Technical Career Paths

Are you looking to grow your career right at CSRA? The COIs can help:

  • Determine what career paths exist within CSRA
  • Highlight ways for employees to grow professionally and advance their careers within CSRA
  • Recognize and reward individual and program successes

Participate in Fun and Informative Events

There’s always something going on in the COIs! Whether online or in person, the COIs are actively building relationships and fostering educational growth across CSRA and the larger tech community. Join the fun:

  • Networking events
  • Lunch and Learn meetings
  • Vendor demos
  • Charity events

Support and Grow CSRA's Technology Talent

The COIs work in tandem with CSRA's Human Resources and Business Development teams to identify, contact, and work with top talent and leverage our key next-generation IT skillsets across the company to support company growth, improve workforce mobility, and highlight talent. By participating in CSRA's COIs, you are helping to grow expertise and ideas beyond the communities to support the success of your colleagues and our company.