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Christiane Rhodes, Alliance Manager
Christiane Rhodes
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About Cisco

Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is the worldwide technology leader that has been making the Internet work since 1984. Cisco a leader in networking and in advanced technology areas such as unified communications, network security, virtualization, and cloud computing. Cisco’s products and services help society securely connect and seize tomorrow's digital opportunity today.

Cisco has years of experience working closely with government organizations to achieve their missions, reduce costs, and deliver innovative mobile services for citizens and constituents. Cisco has tailored offerings specific to supporting the defense and intelligence agencies. Cisco maintains an active product certification and evaluation program for government customers. Worldwide, Cisco supports 7,151 national government agencies, 8,089 regional and local governments across 177 countries.

General Dynamics IT and Cisco Systems

GDIT and Cisco Systems are at the forefront of changing how citizens and government employees network and access cloud-based services. GDIT uses Cisco products extensively in data centers in support of multiple large, government IT contracts through a longstanding and deep relationship. Together, GDIT and Cisco help to connect government employees across the nation and the globe.

Alliance At-a-Glance

  • Small and Midsize Business Specialization Partner for Cisco solutions
  • In-depth support for the growing demand for Unified Communications, Cloud Computing & Virtualization, Unified Computing and Software Defined Networks
  • Strategic partner of Cisco built on a long term relationship implementing IT infrastructure solutions across the Intelligence, Defense, and Civilian government agencies
  • GDIT has over 275 Cisco experts with approximately 420 Cisco certifications

Joint Offerings/Solutions

GDIT and Cisco Systems have combined to help government organizations succeed by connecting information with mission applications to any device, anywhere in the world. GDIT and Cisco Systems continue to support a mobile workforce, utilize cloud services and address evolving security threats.

  • Unified Communications (UC):  GDIT supports secure Unified Communications solutions for government agencies that allow co-workers, citizens, warfighters, and third-party organizations to collaborate across any workspace. Our solution approach with Cisco enables any device by providing a unified view of communications anywhere and anytime. All types of media via voice, the web, and video can be used.  Security is extended through call-control devices and communications applications.
  • Software Defined Networks (SDN):  GDIT and Cisco are at the forefront of implementing software-defined networks for government clients as the move to compute and storage virtualization require the network to support rapid change. Our approach allows improved networking path control for optimizing application performance while simplifying operations and improving the performance of the underlying network hardware.
  • Data Center Convergence:  To drive data center efficiency, GDIT and Cisco Systems jointly offer Cisco’s Unified Fabric. Cisco’s Unified Fabric supports data center convergence by consolidating multi-protocol storage and LAN traffic onto a single, scalable, and intelligent network. The complexity and expense of maintaining dual storage and network interfaces, cabling, and switch ports are eliminated providing our clients with substantial cost savings.