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December 18, 2017

It’s the holiday season—a time for giving and sharing—which makes this the perfect time to talk about one of the hottest trends in the federal government: shared services.

The concept of shared services is a relatively simple one—and certainly isn’t new. It involves federal agencies collaborating to share applications, platforms, or managed services as a way to help increase efficiency and decrease costs. However, this is a concept that still confuses many across both the public and private sectors and suffers from some serious misconceptions.

In this three-part podcast series, we’re going to speak with CSRA’s shared services experts with the hope of getting a better understanding of shared services, dispelling many of the myths surrounding shared services in the government, and even sharing some excellent shared services success stories.

In our first episode, we spoke with Sam Capone, the Service Area Director of Intelligent Business Process Services at CSRA. During our discussion, we defined shared services, covered its benefits to the federal government, and identified why shared services are such a hot topic across government agencies. Listen to the podcast below.

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