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December 20, 2017

In our last post on Thinking Next, we kicked off a holiday-themed, three-episode podcast series on shared services. Why? Because the holidays are the season of sharing, and shared services remain one of the hottest topics being discussed across the federal government today.

Our first episode served to define shared services, since it’s a term that still confuses many people both within the government and private sector. In part two of our shared services series, we’re aiming to shoot down the misconceptions that many people have about shared services.

Across the federal government, there have been concerns and commotion about the security, effectiveness, responsiveness and impact of shared services. To dispel some of these shared services myths, we sat down with Elizabeth Giuliani, a program manager at CSRA with vast experience in shared services.

During our discussion, we looked at the concerns and misconceptions about shared services and worked to combat them each, individually. Here is what she had to say:

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