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June 29, 2017

 In an open letter published on Federal Technology Insider, Jay Olsen, GDIT’s Technology Director for Digital Services, urges federal CIOs to rethink their IT strategy and invest in a combined DevOps effort.

It’s time to rethink your IT strategy.  I know your development and operations teams have co-existed very nicely for nearly half a century working in parallel and not communicating. The thing is, as you move to the cloud, this well established disconnect and clunky workflow just can’t be allowed to persist.  If it continues, all the benefits—the scalability, agility, efficiency, and cost effectiveness —of moving to the cloud will be missed opportunities.

Read the full letter on Federal Technology Insider.

Please note: The content on this page was originally posted on prior to its acquisition by General Dynamics. This content was migrated to on July 9, 2018.​