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January 25, 2018

GDIT recently brought together dozens of small businesses as part of its teaming effort in advance of its bid on the U.S. Navy’s Next Generation Enterprise Network-Recompete (NGEN-R).  The event, held at GDIT’s offices in Chantilly, Va., allowed GDIT to scout for innovative subcontractors that can bring next-gen technologies and agility to its team.

NGEN-R, worth $3.5 billion and set to be awarded in late 2018, will provide secure, seamless and global computer connectivity for the Department of Navy (DON). NGEN-R represents the continuous evolution of the DON’s enterprise networks and will provide secure, net-centric data and services to Navy and Marine Corps personnel around the world.

“Through NGEN-R, the US Navy will be investing over $1B in small businesses,” said Scott Sloan, Director of Navy-Marine Corps Growth at CSRA. “We want to make sure we’re including the best partners possible. We’re casting a wide net, but it has a fine screen.”

Sloan noted that CSRA already has a “wonderful” small business office. As the company looked to put its team together, the NGEN-R capture team started there, combing through the information from small businesses that CSRA has already recruited or worked with in the past. Though CSRA’s small business team holds regular events to identify small business partners, this event was held specifically to engage prospects that enhance resource optimization based on capacity and capability.

Almost 70 people representing 52 companies attended CSRA’s event, according to Deirdre Cooke, CSRA capture manager. Of those, 31 companies got slots that day for one-on-one sessions dedicated to specific aspects of NGEN-R. When the sessions filled up quickly, the team arranged a second chance for another 10 companies later in the week.

“We really wanted an opportunity to speak to all the folks who attended the event,” Cooke said.  “We’re arranging another session for those who missed the opportunity to speak with our solutions architect.”

Sloan said while no decisions were made during the event about which small businesses will be teaming with CSRA on this contract, they have a strong list of contenders and the site remains open for businesses to register their interest.

“The Navy wants innovation and this was an opportunity for us to discuss what these businesses can bring to augment CSRA’s core capabilities and technology foundations,” Sloan said. “Today’s event introduces us to such a wealth of organizations that we have a strong list of partners to collaborate with us on this and other contracts and projects.”

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