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January 4, 2018

The Veterans Community Project (VCP) in Kansas City, Missouri is a group of veterans serving veterans. Frustrated by the growing number of homeless veterans, the VCP created the Tiny Homes project to build transitional housing for veterans in need.

CSRA Kansas City Team Donates Tiny Home to Help End Veteran HomelessnessGary Hayes, Program Manager of CSRA’s USMC Support Team in Kansas City learned of the Tiny Homes project and immediately recognized its importance. He canvassed his team of approximately 200 colleagues asking if they would be willing to raise the $15,000 needed to sponsor one of these tiny homes. It was no surprise to Gary that an overwhelming majority of the team were enthusiastic about the VCP. The challenge was on.

In a powerful demonstration of CSRA’s commitment to our communities and our support for veterans and active duty military members, the CSRA team hosted a series of monthly fund raising events, including a very popular hot dog cookout, and raised a total of $15,354. The CSRA-sponsored United States Marine Corps tiny home was placed in VCP’s Veterans Village in Kansas City in December 2017.  

This is a job well done by all the CSRA team members!  You have helped make a difference to our veterans who have given us so much.  

CSRA employees seeking opportunities to volunteer in their community can get involved through our CSRA Cares program. Many of our activities focus on the veterans’ community, and we partner with organizations that resonate with our employees, represent CSRA values, and make an impact in the communities in which our employees live, work and play.

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