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November 9, 2017

Veterans Day is an important opportunity for the nation to pay tribute and offer heartfelt thanks to the men and women who have served so nobly and the families who stand steadfastly behind them. At CSRA, our commitment to veterans is a very personal and sustained mission that plays out daily in our organization and through our work with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

CSRA is committed to hiring veterans, and is proud to have more than 4,100 veterans and counting among our ranks. Our veteran coworkers provide leadership across our organization, playing key roles in CSRA’s work to support mission-critical functions for the country’s warfighters and citizens.  

We’ve also been a long-term partner with the VA, helping to advance services for veterans and offering our insights into IT modernization efforts going forward. We have a strong connection to and understanding of how the VA serves veterans and their families, as well as the areas for growth and development.

We are honored to work alongside the VA as it makes continual strides toward:

  • Continually improving the veteran experience. CSRA has supported the Enterprise Veterans Self-Service (EVSS) initiative since 2013, including the eBenefits website which is the first stop for any veteran looking for information on or seeking to apply for benefits ranging from home loans, college tuition assistance, prescription refills, and disability compensation, to name a few. We’re also helping the VA improve its complex health IT enterprise, particularly those systems that have a human interface, so that the user interactions are easier to understand and take into consideration the human factors in their use.
  • Accelerating the processing of claims through digital innovation and paper reduction. CSRA is taking a high-tech approach to a legacy business process that is indirectly having a positive impact on improving the veterans’ experience in dealing with the VA. We’re working with the VA to improve paperless processing of veterans' disability claims. Our approach was not just to bring the best document imaging technologies and mail handling processes forward, but to identify ways the Veterans Benefits Administration can continue to eliminate paper-based processes.
  • Enhancing collaboration by harnessing the power of shared data and enterprise-wide IT solutions across VA organizations. CSRA is leveraging first-hand experience from transitioning our own data to the cloud, along with decades of systems integration and expertise, to effectively migrate VA to a cloud computing environment. Moving to the cloud is an important step in extending collaboration. It also makes financial sense, aligns with government goals, and provides a sound and sustainable technical platform for the future.
  • Extending IT capabilities to improve operational efficiency and security. CSRA helped the VA to identify and halt a pattern of identity theft and payment fraud used against veterans, particularly older and disabled veterans. As part of CSRA’s support to the VA’s eBenefits website, we provide help desk services. User and data privacy security controls are critical, and the CSRA Help Desk noticed that an unusually high number of veterans were making changes to their bank account numbers. In many cases, the activity was found to be fraudulent.

CSRA’s mission is to develop exceptional, next-generation IT solutions and professional services for our government customers to enable the safety, security, health, and well-being of our nation. Our veteran coworkers are a vital part of our success equation.

We’re equally proud to partner with the VA across all three of its Administrations (Benefits Administration, Health Administration, and National Cemetery Administration) to help advance its mission of making “the veteran and their families and caregivers the number one priority.”