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October 26, 2017

Innovative new technology solutions are being increasingly adopted and relied upon by the federal government and its disparate agencies to help increase efficiency, streamline business processes, and help them operate more effectively at a time when budgets are static and resources are tight.

Agencies are looking at business processes that are not core to their mission and the delivery of constituent services, trying to find ways to automate. One of those business processes is the delivery of services from the IT department to internal “customers.” And one of the tools that can help automate that process is IT Service Management solutions.

Cherwell Service Management is a powerful, flexible IT Service Management (ITSM) tool that enables IT teams to implement, automate, and modernize service and support processes to meet new and evolving needs—at a fraction of the cost and complexity associated with legacy ITSM tools. The company and its ITSM solutions were on display at the recent CSRA Emerging Tech Day.

Kathy Abbruzzetti, Cherwell
Kathy Abbruzzetti, Cherwell
VP, Global Solution Consulting

To learn more about Cherwell, its solutions and the benefits that they can deliver for federal government organizations and agencies, we recently sat down with the company’s VP of Global Solution Consulting, Kathy Abbruzzetti. Here is what she had to say:

Thinking Next (TN): For those that may be unfamiliar, what are IT Service Management solutions, and what roles and functions do their play in an organization's IT enterprise?

Kathy Abbruzzetti: ITSM solutions provide a repeatable, reliable and consistent delivery mechanism from the IT organization to their customers, which typically includes incident management, change management and service catalog.

TN: Why are ITSM solutions a good fit for the federal government, and what benefits can these solutions deliver to government agencies?

Abbruzzetti: ITSM solutions provide a streamlined and modernized approach to services beyond just service desk tickets. Any service process can be automated through established best practices based on ITIL certified processes to meet regulatory and auditing requirements.

TN: What trends and challenges are facing today's federal agencies that are making ITSM solutions increasingly important?

Abbruzzetti: Federal agencies today typically have outdated service desk solutions that don’t scale to meet the current needs and also have very complex licensing structures that make it very expensive.  Cherwell keeps total cost of ownership expense lower by having a simpler licensing structure—including administrative and maintenance costs.

TN: Are any government organizations currently utilizing Cherwell's solutions? Do you have metrics or anecdotes that illustrate the benefits that they're receiving?

Abbruzzetti: Cherwell currently has customers within the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Energy (DOE), and the Department of Defense (DoD).

Several of these customers had legacy or government off-the-shelf (GOTS) solutions that no longer met the current needs of the agency. By implementing Cherwell Service Management, they have been able to reach a larger audience and increase the number of services in a timelier manner.

TN: Cherwell is one of the IT solution providers that participated in the recent CSRA Emerging Tech Day. Why did Cherwell participate in this event, and what benefit is the company looking to receive from participating?

Abbruzzetti: We see CSRA as a strategic partner in the federal vertical.  The breadth and depth that CSRA has across the federal government allows Cherwell to be part of a larger conversation and provide a solution that is uniquely fit for government agencies.  It's easily extensible to provide service support beyond the typical ITSM processes.

Our licensing structure provides a simpler, cost-effective tool that provides service automation beyond just the traditional IT service desk. 

Cherwell CSM is recognized by Gartner as one of the top three vendors in the ITSM enterprise market.

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