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With all the acronyms, buzz-words, and jargon that are overheard in the hallways of federal agencies, the last thing CIOs need is another phrase to contend with.  While the term “Next-Generation IT” might seem like just another tech buzz phrase, it’s actually a term of substance.  Next-Generation IT is more than just the latest and greatest tech offering – it refers to a technology that changes not only the technical infrastructure for an agency, but also how mission-critical services are delivered. 

CSRA’s Chief Growth Officer, George Batsakis, shared his perspective on how Next-Generation technologies enable agility, power mobility, and foster collaboration among teams charged with delivering on the mission.  In this interview with Federal Technology Insider, Batsakis draws on his experience guiding CSRA through its implementation of  Next-Gen IT solutions to offer advice and insight to federal CIOs facing similar challenges as they look to do more with less and drive mission success.

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Next-Generation IT – undoubtedly you’ve heard this new term creeping into the vocabulary of the federal tech community.  But before it becomes yet another lightweight buzzword used to sell CIOs another bill of goods they don’t really need, I want to define it.  When given substance Next-Generation IT is a powerful term that truly captures a fundamental shift not only in technology but also in a mindset that will enable federal CIOs to drive mission success like never before.

The foundation of Next-Generation IT (or Next-Gen IT) is a steadfast belief that flexibility, agility, collaboration, and openness are the keys to success. From our viewpoint, Next-Gen IT applies disruptive technologies and business models to drive efficiency and effectiveness.  From a core technology standpoint this means that solutions are conceived as services, based in the cloud, and created in an Agile DevOps environment. From a service delivery perspective Next-Gen IT is built on partnerships – between technology vendors, to ensure best-in-class technology and domain expertise are always available, and with agencies to ensure that solutions are sourced, developed, and executed in concert. 

While we, as solutions providers, can bring a new offering to market, our government partners are the ones that understand the nuances of their IT environments and how solutions need to adapt to meet heightened security requirements, mission priorities and mandates.  The final component of Next-Gen IT, is that while it might be a cutting edge solution it does not have to break the bank.  Cost – and cost control – are central ‘next-generation’ principles.  Agility, innovation, and flexibility are the core tenets that enable cost efficiencies despite the newness of the solution.

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