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October 3, 2018

This Virus Appreciation Day, we look at four common computer viruses that have wreaked havoc on computers and networks.

There really is a holiday for everything these days, isn’t there? There are days celebrating practically every known food and drink, from Oyster Day to IPA Day. But it may come as some surprise that there is an official Virus Appreciation Day on October 3rd.

With October being National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, “appreciating” viruses seems like an odd concept. After all, viruses are responsible for stealing our private data and information. They hold our computers ransom. They even can bring down important services – from cloud services to public utilities – making them unavailable to those that rely on them.

Viruses are sophisticated marvels of computer engineering, built by identifying weaknesses in operating systems, firmware and other common computer software, and then creating code that can exploit those weaknesses to achieve a certain desired outcome.

On Virus Appreciation Day, take a moment to reflect on the constantly evolving nature and complexity of viruses. Moreover, take a moment to appreciate all the individuals working to protect us from falling victim to them.

One of the best ways to appreciate the danger of computer viruses is to become “Virus Aware”  - to get to know some of the most recent and most pervasive viruses. By learning more about these viruses and understanding their sophisticated and evolving nature, we can better prepare ourselves to avoid them.

To help you learn more about four of the most well-known and damaging viruses of the past few years, we’ve pulled together this handy infographic. Feel free to share it or even to print it out and keep it near your desk.