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Logistics & Supply Chain Management


Providing expertise, tools and technologies to manage logistics and end-to-end supply chains.

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Complete Logistics and Supply Chain Mission Support

Whether dealing with large purchases, the shipping and maintenance of high-value and sensitive assets, or responding to urgent or high-priority missions, General Dynamics IT provides the support needed to manage logistics and supply chain operations, predict and mitigate risks and ensure operational and mission objectives are achieved.

Far-Reaching Resources

From securing specialized, one-off items to acquiring large volumes of product, General Dynamics IT can efficiently meet order demands at competitive prices through established supply chains.

  • Strategic vendor relationships
  • Purchasing and distribution centers
  • Order consolidation and staging
  • Favorable pricing agreements

• Data insights to simulate procurement volume and requirements
• Deliver supplier intelligence and risk assessments
• Extensive global supplier networks
• Rapid procurement of specialized and non-specialized products
• Financial capacity to process, procure and finance large purchases

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Secure Operations

Safeguarding and efficiently storing products is critical to operating a successful supply chain. General Dynamics IT operates secure warehouses with the capacity to manage high-volume and long-term assets.

  • Secure warehouse and operations
  • Storage of high-volume, sensitive assets
  • Inventory management

• Secure management of classified, high-value items 
• Quickly expand warehouse and storage space to meet demand 
• Manage millions of dollars’ worth of inventor
• Secure management of classified, high-value items

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Transportation and Delivery

General Dynamics IT securely transports and delivers materials wherever they are needed, when they are needed. From facilitating pre-shipment procedures to managing door-to-door delivery, we ensure timely distribution of resources to locations worldwide, including high-risk geographical areas.

  • Transport and deliver to domestic and overseas locations
  • Deliver wide range of shipments, from single items to 40 foot sea containers
  • Track asset delivery status throughout the supply chain
  • Provide rapid response to emergency and crisis events worldwide
  • Facilitate catalog and specialized order fulfillment

• Transportation door-to-door item delivery to hundreds of overseas locations
• Process thousands of orders from locations worldwide
• Ship millions of mission critical inventory every year


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Technology-Enabled Processes

We combine technical expertise and best-in-class tools with mission knowledge to continuously improve performance and optimize supply chain operations. By utilizing data analytics and warehouse management tools we provide end-to-end supply chain visibility from order to delivery, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and improving service levels.

  • Complete supply chain visibility
  • Customized automated logistics systems
  • Hardware sustainment services and data analytics

• Maintain strategic relationships with repair vendors
• Identify cost savings and efficiencies
• Enhance security technology for overseas and domestic facilities


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Delivering Mission Success

Organizations rely on responsive and secure supply chain and logistics capabilities to meet mission objectives. From delivering and installing technology to secure facilities, to repairing current systems, vehicles and equipment, we provide the expertise and materials to assist government missions worldwide.

  • Performance-Based Logistics
  • Facility Outfitting and Transition

• Provision equipment, furniture and information technology items
• Rapid response to emergency and crisis events
• Enable system improvement determination


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Inbound Logistics Top 100 3PL Provider for 2017

“When choosing the 2017 Top 100 3PL Providers, Inbound Logistics editors looked for providers demonstrating excellence in optimizing transportation and logistics operations, as well as transformative solutions that drive integration across internal and external business processes. General Dynamics IT was selected because its solutions solve specific logistics challenges and improve processes, and create a ripple effect of efficiencies across the entire value chain. Inbound Logistics is proud to honor General Dynamics IT for innovative solutions empowering logistics and supply chain excellence in 2017.” - Felecia Stratton, Editor, Inbound Logistics