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Complete 1098-T Outsourcing Solution

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With more than 20 years of experience, General Dynamics IT provides services for 1098-T processing to institutions with student enrollments ranging from 200 to more than 100,000. The TRA 1098-T program has successfully printed and mailed nearly 40 million 1098-T forms and met the IRS mailing deadline each year for 100% of our customer schools. 

Print and Mail 1098-T’s

  • Print and mail a full 8 ½ x 11 taxpayer statement which includes six lines of customizable text
  • Ability to negotiate favorable printing and postage rates
  • An information page is included with each 1098-T to assist your students, parents and tax preparers with understanding the Federal Tax Credits
  • The customer service 800 number is printed on the students’ 1098-T forms as the first point of contact to assist students and parents

Student Web Access through Web Advance

  • Web Advance is a web access service that allows your students to have immediate 24/7 access to their 1098-T forms
  • Web Advance also allows schools a window for students to electronically access, print and confirm receipt of their 1098-T, reducing cost for the institution

Administrative Web Access

  • Provide institutions access to their students’ forms for previous years as well as the ability to add or correct student 1098-T forms directly on our secure TRA web-site
  • A form is automatically generated for printing and mailing when a student is added
  • The school can print and mail a new 1098-T when a student record is corrected
  • Students can immediately access the new forms from the website

IRS Reporting

  • Prepare all student records that have been successfully processed in IRS format and transmit the file by the IRS reporting deadline
  • Send student record additions and corrections to the IRS for both current and prior year’s reporting
  • Make IRS data available to meet the IRS archive requirement
  • Provide institutions with resources for obtaining and understanding IRS information

Financial Detail Printing (Optional Service)

  • Print detailed records of your students’ transactions on the back of the 1098-T form
  • This service assists students with claiming their available tax credits and minimizes administrative requests