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Fully Replaces Legacy 9-1-1

Our vision and proposed solution is about enabling emergency service agencies to harness IP communication capabilities to improve communication and support for citizen emergencies. The true vision of Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) is a constantly evolving, dynamic series of current states that stay in sync with the public’s common modes of communicating emergencies and the collection of associated metadata at any given point in time.

True NG9-1-1 is an evolving, fully functional system that replaces the decades old legacy system with a modern IP communications platform.  General Dynamics IT provides a disciplined, standards-based approach to planning, designing, implementing, managing, monitoring and maintaining complex solutions such as Emergency Services Internet Protocol Network (ESInet) services, NG9-1-1 Core Services and Hosted PSAP solutions, to support the current and future goals of NG9-1-1 functionality.  

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Our Solutions
GDIT Application Services Capabilities

We deliver modern application development methodologies, tools, infrastructures, and work cultures enabling responsive, intuitive, and mission-focused solutions for our government customers. 

GDIT Cloud Capabilities

We deliver a comprehensive cloud portfolio of strategy development, architecture, migrations, multi-cloud, hybrid IT solutions, managed services and reselling of cloud services in a secure, transparent and reliable way.

We deliver advanced cyber solutions securing customer assets from the increasing intensity of attacks. 

GDIT Data and Analytics Capabilities

We empower decision-makers, end-users, and systems to make mission impacts with real-time, big data analytics. 

We help build an efficient and integrated digital government that offers personalized digital experiences for U.S. citizens.

GDIT Cyber Capabilities

We lead the way in unlocking the power of emerging technologies.

GDIT Enterprise Business Solutions Capabilities

We enhance our customers’ mission capabilities across the federal government, yielding a high return on investment.

GDIT Enterprise IT Capabilities

We focus on helping agencies to reduce the costs of operating large-scale enterprises and enabling them to take advantage of modern service delivery models that will enhance capabilities and better enable their workforce and stakeholders.

We provide the support needed to manage logistics and supply chain operations, predict and mitigate risks and ensure operational and mission objectives are achieved.

GDIT Managed Services Capabilities

We work in partnership with customers to help envision, design and deliver the right managed service solution for their enterprise.

GDIT Mission Services Capabilities

We leverage our deep domain expertise to ensure what we deliver enables you to complete your mission rapidly, cost effectively and with a sustainable solution, long into the future.

GDIT Training and Simulation Capabilities

Our training services and solutions are designed to teach, prepare and program our customers within the DoD, health and commercial arenas to accomplish their missions and support critical decisions.