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Enabling SOF Mission Readiness through Full Spectrum Capabilities

Responding to critical, real-world, emerging threats requires 24x7 continuity of operations, timely, relevant intelligence and the ability to execute globally.

General Dynamics IT supports a diverse range of operations across tactical, operational and strategic operating environments for the DoD, law enforcement, Intelligence Community and other government agencies. Providing full spectrum intelligence support to global operations, we actively seek value-added innovations while adapting and responding with timely, cost-effective solutions.

Through our extensive domain expertise and mission understanding, our experts analyze and exploit information to support delivery of timely, relevant intelligence, ensuring our customers have the right information to act confidently in high-stake environments.

Providing the operations and Intelligence Communities one of the most widely used Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence (C4I) information systems, our work is a vital link in the supply of U.S. intelligence to coalition forces supporting mission-critical efforts. Through the integration, correlation and rapid dissemination of data based on consumer demands, General Dynamics IT supports U.S. policy and operational efforts in sharing intelligence and information with a wide variety of Coalition partners that directly benefit from our decades of unique work experience.

Our agile and responsive services fully support the critical nature of our customer’s missions.


  • Intelligence
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • Security Services
  • Specialized Training and Education
  • Operations Support
  • Coalitions Support