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The customers we serve are diverse and so are their requirements. Unsurpassed mission understanding and knowledge of customer operations assure that our services deliver the support you need for your real-world requirements.
Who We Serve

General Dynamics IT partners with agencies to solve their most complex problems, transform services and deliver mission-critical operations.

As a trusted partner, General Dynamics IT understands the scale of DoD’s challenges while delivering mission-critical IT services that protect sensitive information, keep millions of employees connected and provide cutting-edge support to warfighters.

General Dynamics IT provides end-to-end solutions and professional services that enable health organizations to adapt confidently and rapidly to ensure success.

We partner with customs authorities, law enforcement agencies and transport authorities to secure our homeland and deliver system and IT modernization.

Our information technology solutions and services enable the generation of intelligence in support of our customers’ missions to protect the safety and security of our nation.

General Dynamics IT works closely with federal, state and local government organizations to deliver the right technology to achieve their missions and improve the quality of government services for citizens and constituents.